Marianne Gotfredsen 2* Parelli junior instructor

Starting 7 Parelli games and continuing on the path. Preparation for riding.

We kindly invite you all to the PNH (Parelli Natural Horsemanship) practical workshop - seminar with a licensed two-star Parelli instructor Marianne Gotfredsen (Denmark).

The workshop participants are invited to participate with their horses, who will individually, with instructor learn Parelli levels and the other aspects of the program.

Participants, as well as viewers, will be able to learn a lot from theory part of the seminar about horses and their psychological portraits (Horsenalities), their training and problem solving. Practical part will allow to apply this knowledge to practice.

Instructor will work individually with each couple, so the number of places of participants with horses is limited.

Seminar will be in English.


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Who can participate in the seminar::

Price includes: coffee brakes and lunch on saturday.

There is a possibility to stay at the venue. Please contact us by contacts below.

Registration is until 20th of August

Registration information to be provided by e-mail: Name, Surname, Payment confirmation. E-mail: 

Telephone if you have questions: +370 616 20004

Participating horses have to have valid Equine influenza and tetanus vaccines.

Participants have to have health insurance.

Registration is confirmed only after payment.

More information about Parelli Natural Horsemanship you can find here::